Monday, April 07, 2008

Is It Tea Time Yet? Clap-o-TEA time that is.....

I don't think my Sister knows I have a knitting blog. I hope she doesn't know. If she does, the cat's out of the bag in a big way. If you do find this blog, Sissy, you need to know that I loved, loved, LOVED making this for you. This was so incredibly fun to knit. I am absolutely making one for myself. Soon. To my fellow knitters, if you haven't made one yet, you really, REALLY should. Seriously. It may be my favourite finished object to date.
Happy Birthday Big Sister. I love you.

Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: Lion Brand Microspun, Sterling (4 skeins)
Modifications: None (Are you kidding? I'm too chicken to make modifications to a pattern!)


Team Knit ! said...

Oh wow, what a fantastic gift! And that colour is going to go with just about everything. Your sis is so lucky!


Knittymuggins said...

Lovely!! I have never made one of these..... Hmmmm.... Maybe I should reconsider ;)