Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sit up straight? I prefer to slouch....

I love when knitting turns out the way I hope it will. This pattern is an example of that lovely feeling. Wendy from knitandtonic.....I bow to you for bringing me Le Slouch. It is so much fun to knit and this wool choice is superb. Although I must admit the thin parts of this thick and thin yarn have me gritting my teeth on occasion. Some of it is so thin that I'm afraid to knit the stitch for fear I'll snap it. No breaks yet though so I guess that means I'm learning to loosen up my death hold on the needles. I'm knitting it in the round on a 16" circ instead of dpns which helps. I love circular needles and will probably start using them exclusively in lieu of straights at some point in the near future. My tension is a lot better on them (rusted root doesn't count) and my hands/arms don't hurt as much as they do when using straight needles. Now, if I would just win the lottery so I can buy every size circular Addi Turbo has to offer, I will be a happy happy girl.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Silly Silly Girl

I was reminded of something last night. Knitting by the light of the TV while drinking wine do not mix well. I had started to feel very comfortable with knitting the Chevron scarf so of course why would insufficient light and inebriation bother me? I'm a master knitter I can knit under any circumstances!! BAH!!! My having to frog several rows of the Chevron is proof of how untrue that statement is. I'll never learn.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm melting

It was really really hot today. 116 degrees. I think there must have been some humidity too because my sinuses were killing me. It's miserable when it's this hot. I don't have the energy to knit. The chevron scarf is all that I can manage because there's not much thought to it. I finished my rusted root except for the ribbing around the neckline and sleeves. It's too small. I tried it on and I thought my lungs were going to collapse. It was THAT tiny. I know I'm a tight knitter but come on!! I must have a death grip on those needles! I'm hoping I can block it and make it grow. A lot. It's so damn cute and I can already envision it paired with several different pairs of pants I have. I'm almost finished with the Ribby Shell so as long as I don't sabotage that one as well then maybe I'll get to wear it. Fingers crossed.