Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm melting

It was really really hot today. 116 degrees. I think there must have been some humidity too because my sinuses were killing me. It's miserable when it's this hot. I don't have the energy to knit. The chevron scarf is all that I can manage because there's not much thought to it. I finished my rusted root except for the ribbing around the neckline and sleeves. It's too small. I tried it on and I thought my lungs were going to collapse. It was THAT tiny. I know I'm a tight knitter but come on!! I must have a death grip on those needles! I'm hoping I can block it and make it grow. A lot. It's so damn cute and I can already envision it paired with several different pairs of pants I have. I'm almost finished with the Ribby Shell so as long as I don't sabotage that one as well then maybe I'll get to wear it. Fingers crossed.

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