Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Yorkshire Lass Dictionary

Most Knitters label a knit a "Finished Object" when there's absolutely nothing left to do, you're minutes away from sliding your arms into your lovely, new cardigan and walking out the front door. In my dictionary, the definition of "finished" is slightly different.  The cardigan is off the needles, with a few minor details to turn your attention to. Such as, sewing on buttons, weaving in yarn ends, or maybe you still have a sleeve to knit. As I said, minor details. Case in point, 28thirty by Zephyr Style. I was enamored with this jacket the moment I laid eyes on it. The Michelin Man sleeves, the up to your ears military inspired (if you ask me) collar. I had to knit this masterpiece. So I did. Let me tell you, I knit every stitch with a smile on my face. And then I got to the end. Last stitch bound off, it's lovely, I knew it would be! Fast forward 6 months. My lovely jacket still lies in a pile of "finished" knits, waiting for it's buttons and to have it's ends weaved? woven? in. I can't give you an explanation as to why I have yet to truly finish. I use the same procrastination technique on almost every single knit I produce. If anyone out there is reading this, I could use some tips on how to break the cycle. For now, I'll continue to visit my 28thirty in the wardrobe of finished knits. Dreaming of the day when I can slide my arms in and walk out the front door.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Late Night, Early Morning

I'll be waking up to get ready for work in 5 hours. Actually, I'll be waking up in 4 hours so I can call my Niece, Ashleigh, and wish her Happy Birthday. Oh, the sacrifices we make for our loved ones. Ashleigh, for one, is surely worth the extra effort. The childlike (even though she's going to be 14 today) happiness in  her voice when you pay her a compliment, tell her you love her, or perhaps sing her Happy Birthday (at 5:30am--the horror!). So, this post's for you, my dear Niece. I love being your Auntie. I love to watch "National Velvet" with you and eat Almond Bear Claws in the car, in the parking lot at Sprouts. I love to watch you learn to knit. The bonus is you really, really like it. I hope you have a perfect day. May you have every moment of happiness in the years to come. I love you, Auntie

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh Boy

Webs is evil.  In a lovely way.  I just placed another order.  That makes three orders in two weeks.  That's a little crazy.  I couldn't help myself.  It probably would've been smarter to place one order and save myself some shipping costs.  But the damage is already done, so I can't beat myself up now. Besides, I would have to be mad at myself to be beat up.  I'm not mad at all.  I'm really excited.  This order was 1 skein of Malabrigo Silky in Velvet Grapes, 2 skeins of Rowan Extra Fine Merino Dk in Cream, 2 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky in Navy, and 1 super cute Blue Sky Alpaca Pretty Cheep Project Bag in Periwinkle.  The prices were obscenely low, which is my justification for spending again.  The knitting bug is in full effect.  And I love it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's Been a While

I never realized how much I needed technology until I was without it. 6 or so months ago, I turned my computer on and it gave me an error, "Boot disk error".  Apparently, "boot disk" is a vital part of making a computer work. And that's something my computer wouldn't  No matter what I tried, the computer would not get further than this error screen.  Not being in a position where I could afford to take the computer in to be fixed, I was forced to realize that I was now without a computer.  I couldn't pay my bills online, I couldn't access my email, I couldn't post on my blog, and worst of all, I couldn't access Ravelry.  My computer-based life skidded to a halt.  I was lucky enough to have a cell phone with internet and email access, but surfing the web on a 3x2 inch screen just isn't the same.  Years of personal photographs, videos of my daughter at 5 years old, hundreds of dollars of itunes downloads.....stuck inside a box and no way to retrieve them.  I am hopeful that when I am able to take the computer in to be fixed, they are able to retrieve all my photos and copy them to disks.  I will be devastated if they can't.  I suppose that's the karma of the PC God's laughing at me for never taking the time to back up my information through the years.  A week ago my Mother-in-Law saved the day.  She had purchased a new laptop and wanted to know if I wanted her old computer.  The best part is that her "old" computer is 50X better than mine was.  My technology enhanced life is now returning to normal.  It would have been nice if my return to this blog included photos of recently completed knitting projects.'s a word I haven't said in a long time. Something that was such a huge part of my life has ceased to exist.  There are many reasons why I stopped knitting.  All of them too boring to relay to you here.  What I will tell you is that my knitting slump is over.  I have the hugest stash around these parts, so I could've just grabbed a skein from my knitting room and started a project.  Or hey, here's an idea, finish a project in hibernation.  But in classic "me" style, I went on a yarn spree and am waiting not-so-patiently for my orders to arrive.  Then and only then, will I rejoin the knitting community.  Webs is having their Anniversary sale, so 8 skeins later, I was checking out and giving my visa information.  It felt so good.  But I wasn't satisfied, so I headed over to Jimmy Beans Wool.  That's when the real fun began.  Soon I hope to have some finished or at least in progress shots to show you.  Knitty friends, it is good to be back.