Thursday, March 19, 2009

In Honour of the Hotness

Lord help me, I'm a Cougar. Label me all you want, I care not. May I present, Exhibit A.

Need I say more?

On Saturday, I'm going to Blockbuster as SOON as I wake up. My dear Hubby put a deposit on the 2-disc DVD set of Twilight. After purchasing, I will race home and deposit myself on the sofa. I will not move for hours. And hours. And hour upon lovely hour. I'm 35 years old and this saga (and movie) makes me feel as though I'm 17 again. The hotness that is Robert Pattinson (as Edward Cullen) is such a fantastic bonus to this daydream inducing story. Aaaah. I can honestly say that not a stitch will be knit during this movie screening.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm So Glad I'm a Knitter

I'm so glad I'm a knitter for many reasons. I love to start new projects. I love to finish projects. I love the feeling I get when someone loves what I've made them. I love meeting other knitters. I love Ravelry. I received an email from a fellow Ravelry member the other week. She was asking if I'd consider selling her some yarn from my stash. Normally I would gasp at the thought of parting with any item from my stash. I'm rather protective of it. This situation was a little different. This knitter was looking to buy my 3 skeins of Moda Dea Cache which has been in my stash for years. She told me she was knitting a sweater from it and ran out of the colour I had in my stash. Apparently the colourway has been discontinued. What kind of knitter would I be if I didn't help a fellow knitter in need? I told her that I would gladly send her the stash yarn, no payment needed. So what did this lovely knitter do? She sent me a thank you gift. Before I'd even mailed her yarn. I tell you what, you'll never meet nicer people than knitters. There are two nice things about this gift. The first is that I'm amazed by the kindness. For all she knew, I could be a big fat liar and never mail the yarn (I'm not, it was put in the mailbox yesterday). The second is that for a few months I've been plagued with terrible neck pain. I have routine check ups with an Orthopedic Specialist and Physical Therapist. My Physical Therapist, Peggy, (whom I love because her hands always smell like oranges, even though she beats the crap out of me every visit) uses a heat wrap on my neck for 10 minutes. Friends, it's heaven. I drift off into la la land every time. What did my fellow Raveler send me? A heat wrap. It will get SO much use and the bonus is that it has lavender in it, which is one of my favourite scents. Today was a very good day.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Block Me Amadeus

Yes my friends, that may possibly be the cheesiest blog title in existence. However cheesy, it was funny enough for my simple sense of humour to cause juice to spurt out of nose.

Ladies and Gents (probably not gents because it's highly doubtful there are any 'Gents' reading my blog), so never mind, Ladies....I have "finished" something. It's off the needles so to me that counts as being finished. Never mind the blocking (hence the subject for my oh so funny blog title) that needs to be done. As soon as I buy a spray bottle (lost mine in the move - hated that bottle anyway. It would only work on the "stream" setting. That's like a laser blast to a finished knit.) and hunker down on the floor to pin my life away, then it will officially be finished. Yea me.

Pattern: Cabled Button Wrap
Made For: Me
Yarn: 5 skeins Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Camel Heather
Mods: Pattern called for 19 repeats at 56". My gauge must've been way off because at 19 repeats I was nowhere in the vicinty of 56". So many more repeats for me.