Sunday, August 31, 2008

So You've Settled Down Then?

No, I have not. I had no idea it would take such a long time to feel at home in our new place. I'm sure it's due in part to the lack of furniture acquisition. Is it really that hard to select a couch and a dining room table? For me, yes. We found a couch, fell in love, had it delivered and immediately realized it was too small. Drat. We went looking yesterday for a replacement but there was nothing that tickled my fancy. My Mother-In-Law has offered us her couch. She's ready for a new one and knows we've always loved her sectional. It's a little too long on one side but I think I could live with that.'s a free couch. I did have luck finding a loveseat for my library/music room. It is by far the most beautiful little loveseat I've ever seen. It was love at first sight.

To date, it is the only thing worth swooning over in this room. I have yet to buy book shelves or lamps or end tables or art or ANYTHING to make this room a habitable place. All in good time.

In knitting news, the world has been a mightly desolate place. I have knit approximately 30 minutes worth in the past month. It's shameful. I've been in such a funk since moving in the house and the thought of picking up my sticks and paying attention to something has been too much for my brain to handle. I don't know why I'm being so dramatic about this move. I should be elated that I have this beautiful new home with so many design possibilities. Day by day I'm starting to settle in a little more. I gave myself a kick in the arse yesterday and decided that I'm being a big baby and need to enjoy this transition in my life. There. Drama over. It's that easy, right?
To celebrate this newfound optimisim, here are a few pictures of my favourite back garden.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Cardi Knitters Unite

If you haven't already seen it, the new Vogue Knitting is a beaut. There are pages after pages of fabulous cardigans. The kind that make me go all warm inside. I've made some serious progress on a cardi of my own. The February Lady Sweater is a joy to knit. The Cascade 220 is a tad rough but think it will do well in a nice, soapy bath. It's longer now than in the photo. I always get nervous when I know I'm nearing the end. I'm never sure if I've made it too long or too short. I try it on but my heart still does a flutter when I'm binding off. All is moving along with the new home. I'm not so far as painting but I did install my very first door knob. I'm quite the handywoman you know. Although I'm told I still need to work on my laundry skills. All in good time.February Lady Sweater