Monday, March 10, 2008

I Made You a New Friend

Since the Stockinette Saviour Hat got me through such a rough patch, I decided it deserved a friend. A pair of friends actually. These are the Maine Morning Mitts and were my first experience with a thumb gusset. I've discovered that thumb gussets aren't hard, just awkward. I'm addicted to this pattern and now want to make a gajillion pairs. These are also totally helping me to get over my fear of dpn's. This is bad news for the poor little projects in the graveyard. It may be a little while longer before they see the light of day. I pulled Orangina out of the closet this evening to try to help me get over the guilt of abandonment. It didn't last long. 2 pattern repeats and she's back in the graveyard. Sorry dear....I tried.
Yarn: Universal Yarn Worsted Tapestry
Waaaaay less than 1 skein. Not bad when you can make a hat AND a pair of gloves for less than $6.

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Knittymuggins said...

Fantastic! You know what's funny? I was just envisioning a pair of mitts like these for myself this morning :) I want to make mine out of sock yarn though. Yours are adorable! Enjoy....