Sunday, June 08, 2008

Son of a Stitch Marker!!!

I just noticed that on either side of the lace pattern running up the sides of Alisa are...wait for it....LADDERS!!! I thought those only happened on dpn's? Obviously not. For a while I couldn't wrap my mind around what was causing it. Then the lightbulb went off (okay so it didn't go off until I googled "ladders stitch markers"). The stitch markers I'm using are too thick and therefore causing ladders at each respective point in the knitting. I have gone too far in this pattern to frog back. I'm so upset. No, I'm more than upset. I'm really effing pissed off!!!! Damn damn damn damn damn!!!! If I was telling this story at work, this is the point where a non-knitter would say, "I thought you said knitting was relaxing?".


By the way....the photo doesn't do these ladders justice. They are much larger and uglier up close and personal.


justclaire said...

Try to think of the ladders as a "design feature". I feel your pain though :)

Team Knit ! said...

oh no! but you can fix that during blocking, if you take the time to push the stitches around a bit with a pin (because THAT doesn't take forever, no not at all! ;-) )

- Julie

Laura said...

Is it mostly stockinette? Could you drop the stitch down and tighten it up on the way back?

And maybe it could be sorted out in blocking!

Chrispy said...

Oh so sad. I can tell you that the Cotlin tightens up nicely when you wash and dry it in the machine.

Your Alisa is coming along nicely.

betty said...

It's coming along nicely! (I'm knitting the same thing). I love your color choice. I would not fuss over the ladders. They may look bad to YOU up close and personal, but someone admiring you wearing the sweater will only notice the nice lace design.

Knittymuggins said...

I'm so sorry to hear that :( I had a little of that action going on myself on my Alisa and it cleared up with blocking, so I do believe there will be hope for yours too. Try not to worry - I'm sure it will still look gorgeous on you!