Saturday, November 03, 2007

I need a TURBO button

I got suuuper excited this morning when I realized I could start the Tree Jacket from those oh so talented Zephyr Girls. I have 10 skeins of Knitpicks Merino Style in Hollyberry. Read a few blog posts and decided a size 7 needle will work best. Yes, I know a gauge swatch would probably be smarter but cmon...what fun would that be? As I went searching through my collection of needles (okay I have a v. large Craftsman toolbox for them but stating that factlet would kind of make me sound obsessed so "collection" sounds much saner) for my 16" Addi Turbo, all I could find was the empty package. What the deuce? Please don't tell me it's being used already???? Alas, my fears were supported when I found it neatly ensconced in a front panel of the hibernating Ribby Cardi. To make it even worse, my 24" Addi is holding onto the stitches of my Wicked for dear life. Much to my dismay I realized that I now have TWO projects I must finish before I can start the oh so adorable Tree Jacket. Please turn your attention elsewhere while I throw myself on the floor and have a wee tantrum. &%$^$%!&#^$%&! Okay....Age 6 moment over. This sucks!! Have you any idea how long the Ribby Cardi has been in the graveyard? I think I actually see a coating of dust on the bag it's in. Oh shat I suppose I have no choice but to finish it. Actually....I do have a choice....I could put the stitches on scrap yarn and use the needle to start my Tree Jacket. NO! I won't do it....I'm going to finish it. Hmmmm...this is an interesting concept to me. Now...onto my research on how to slow down time and speed up my knitting so I can finish more projects during a day....damn where is Hiro the Hero when you need him?


Maryse said...

Looking forward to see the outcome of your debate ;-) Tree Jacket is a very nice pattern!

Claire said...

Well I haven't started Tree Jacket yet but I didn't finish the Ribby Cardi either. :) Have you made the Tree Jacket?

jenna said...

Ha! I would also rather scour the internet to find out what needle size most people used rather than just sit down and do my own gauge swatch. I would also put the unfinished sweater on scrap yarn. Perhaps I am a bad influence.