Saturday, October 27, 2007

B&N You ROCK!!!

Barnes and Noble is an after-school (work) playground for me. Every Friday, directly after work, I go to Barnes & Noble to buy new magazines. I start with the celebrity trash mags (US Weekly, Star & OK!) and then move down to the Crafts/Hobbies section. On occasion I will see a new Knitting or Crocheting magazine. It's fantastic.'s really exciting to look on the shelf and see a shiny new Interweave Knits. IK is the Grand-Daddy. If there's a new one of those out I practically sing out loud. (I wish I had the bollocks to do that because, well, wouldn't that be a great thing to see someone do at the book store?) Yesterday's after-work excursion didn't bring me that joy but it did bring me the new KnitSimple. You know what I like about this magazine? The title for starters. You know you're not in for a complicated lace pattern that will bring you to tears. While the title makes me feel safe & cozy, I generally don't find many patterns in it that I want to make. However, this issue has really surprised me. I actually gasped a few times when turning the pages. (**gasps are usually reserved for IK only**) There will be several items made from this issue. After picking one off the shelf (+1 for my Mum) I headed over to the Knitting book section. Much to my surprise I saw that 101 Designer One Skein Wonders was already out. I didn't think it was coming out for at least another month. Yippee!!! There's a lot of great patterns in here. I like this book as much as it's predecessor...One-Skein Wonders-101 Yarn Shop Favorites. I'm going to have to exercise some serious willpower to not start something out of this book until I've finished a few of my current wip's.
Speaking of wip's, I finished a couple last week. I finished my Mum's birthday scarf and then added a hat at the last minute. Her birthday was on 10/26 and she's going back to England for a visit in December, so I wanted her to have something to keep her warm. She's always wanted to wear beanie hats but thinks she's not "young enough" to wear them well. I think she'll look fantastic in one so I knitted one up after I finished the scarf. Hats are great. A couple of hours from start to finish. I think she will really like both items. I've been wanting to make the Irish Hiking Scarf for ages. I was always too afraid to try it because cables made me very uncomfortable. Now after knitting it I feel far less intimidated. Ta Da.....
That's my Meggie Moo posing in the hat. She's got a lot of sass that one. I love her to pieces.

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Maryse said...

I love the color of your Irish Hiking Scarf! It looks very soft! Very pretty hat also! Your mom will surely wear them proudly!