Thursday, November 08, 2007

You're finished here!!

I'm in jeopardy of contradicting my well earned reputation as a non-finisher. This past weekend I finished a hat for Charlie Bean, Le Slouch and a set of Irish Hiking Wristwarmers. If I carry on like this I won't get to constantly complain about how I never finish anything. It is a lovely feeling to finish though. Especially when it's something that has been sitting in the Graveyard since July (le slouch). I can't believe I started it so long ago. I think I made it too slouchy though. Either that or the cutest beret pattern ever written is just NOT a good look for me. The latter is a strong possibility. I care not. I will wear it anyway. I love the colour SPARKLES!! A little sparkle...not crazy's not as my Nanan would say, "Shunkly". Shunkly is a good term to describe the finished crafts of a woman armed with a Bedazzler. No pics of the hat for Charlie Bean yet but without further ado.... here I am looking very out of place in my slouchier than slouchy Le Slouch. Don't I look shunkly? heh heh.


Team Knit ! said...

That slouchy hat is super cute! I love the colour. - Julie

Claire said...

Thanks! I can't wait until it finally gets cold here so I can wear it! Too bad it's still in the 90's!!