Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mamma Mia

Since I'm a slacker knitter and still have no finished object photos to show you, today I'd like to show off the work of my Mum, Lorraine. She is my knitting heroine. She's full of knitty wisdom, her cables are second to none, and she knits so fast you can see smoke coming off her needles. She's an underarm knitter. I've tried it several times, but it felt really funky and made me feel like I was born with a deformed right arm that's several inches shorter than my left arm. Mum doesn't at all look like that when she knits. I, on the other hand, was in serious risk of having my right shoulder become permanently higher than my left because of the way I contorted my body while knitting.
I wish I had photos of her many knitted goods from when I was a child. They are truly cabled bliss. Seriously. It's like Medusa's head snakes formed themselves into a sweater. I do however have a photo of the Clapotis she recently finished. Proudly I tell you that she started it due to inspiration from the one I made for my Sissy. My Mum is fantastic. I love her so very much.

A pair of eyes
That are brighter than the summer sky
When you see them, you'll realize
Why I love my sweet lorraine.
Sweet Lorraine - Nat King Cole


betty said...

That's a very lovely shawl! Is your mum a ravelry member also?

Shannon said...

That is really pretty. I love the color. It must be nice to have someone close to you who also loves to knit! No one in my family is particularly crafty...just me!

Suzan said...

I'm so glad you posted a photo of your Mum's finished project, since I didn't get to see it in person. It's so beautiful...just like your precious Mum! And yes, she is a fabulous knitter. You are fortunate to share such a wonderful hobby with someone you love so much! Kudos to the both of you.

Knittymuggins said...

Awwww.... I think it's so sweet how much you love your Mum! Her Clapotis is very lovely :)


Yorkshire Mum said...

Okay, so Mum cannot possibly stay silent after such a huge compliment from my very clever daughter who is teaching me so many new things about knitting and in the process about life, love and sharing. I am truly blessed. I have been knitting since the age of 13, taught by a neighbour due to the fact that nobody in my family did anything other than darn the odd sock and sew on a button or two. So imagine how wonderful it was when my little lass took up the needles in ernest. I am bursting with pride at her innate talent. She is truly the "pearl" to my knit.