Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ah, Please To Forgive Me. I Am Ashamed.

I have been a bad, bad blogger. One might think I'd forgotten my website address. One might also think that after such a long absence, I would at least have knitting content to display. Think again. I haven't forgotten my blog address and have zippo knitting to show you. I've had my house on the market for the past year and I finally got an offer at the end of June. The close date is set for July 24th so I have to find a new home by then. It's not looking good. I fell in love with a house, only to find that I couldn't afford it. All the other houses I've looked at have paled in comparison. Much to my dismay, it appears I will be looking into some short-term housing. Blah. I don't want to live in an apartment or {gasp} an extended-stay hotel. Needless to say, I have been stressed. Actually, stressed doesn't even begin to describe what I've been feeling. My hair is dull and stringy. I have more pimples than a 15-year old boy. I have round the clock anxiety. I eat as rarely as Mary Kate Olson. To sum it up, I'm a hot mess. I do have semi-finished and believe it or not, actual finished knitty items. I just don't have photos for you yet. Soon, I promise. I will redeem myself. I will at least leave you with some photos of non-knitty content. Here's a few things that put a smile on my face during this stress filled period of my life.

(From left to right (top row first))

1. I think that's in Cornwall, England.
2. My Mum stroking a swine in Seattle. (Sounds like the start of a limerick doesn't it?)
3. My gorgeous nieces
4. My Uncle Mark (In England) holding hostage the bags of Monster Munch Crisps he was supposed to send me (I can't buy them here in AZ)
5. Hubby tormenting the oh so neurotic, Chopper (he'll likely need therapy for this incident)
6. My darling little Izzy
7. Fabulous friends with me on my birthday
8. The loves of my life
9. Yet another love of my life, Artyarns Regal Silk {shiver}


justclaire said...

Sorry to hear of your real estate woes. I can sympathise with you, having had a similar experience myself in the past, which involved having to live with my in-laws for two very long months!! Buying and selling houses is the most stressful thing ever, but hopefully, you'll find a home that you love very soon. Good luck!

Nettie said...

No apologies necessary. Moving is the worse, I can't imagine how much more stressful it is when you own the property. We'll wait for pictures of the knitting ;) And reports that you are feeling better and have clean hair :0)

Suzan said...

I'm so sorry you're stressed, Claire. I know it's cliche, but...everything will work itself out. Keep your chin up. You always make me smile...I wish I could do something to help you smile! Keep knitting and never give up hope!!

Knittymuggins said...

I'm so sorry Claire :( You don't need to apologize! Moving and selling your house etc. are very stressful things to go through and I can see why you've been preoccupied. Don't worry, we'll all be here waiting for you when you feel up to it again :) Love the pics and best wishes to you for a happy resolution with everything. *Hugs*

Be sure to take good care of yourself!!