Friday, May 23, 2008

Praise the UPS Man

I've been having a very emotional day. The PMS monster has engulfed me. I cried 3 times and shouted at my lovely hubby before I even left the house this morning. In the moment, I was SURE I had ample reasons to be so upset. It felt as though the entire world was out to get me and I had decided everyone around me was completely irritated with me. To top it all off, it took some incredible maneuvering to get my jeans to button. On the way to work I realized this wasn't the case at all. I'm just in the midst of a horrible PMS attack. Once I got to work the day didn't get much better. There wasn't much to do so I spent a good part of the day reading news stories. The same stories. Over and over. Around 12:30pm I was granted a reprieve from my day o' emotion and boredom, when the blessed UPS man walked through the door.

This is my much anticipated Malabrigo in Terracotta and Verdes. It certainly lives up to it's reputation of being supremely yummy. I could, however, live with out the blast of eau de massengill that shot up my nose when I took it out of the bag. Damn, that must have been a big ass vat of vinegar they dyed these skeins in. I'm sure it will come out when washed do I wash it before I knit with it or after? I'm not so sure I could stand to knit with it smelling like it does. It's pretty freaking bad. That aside, I'm so glad I ordered this wool. It's going to knit up beautifully. I'm going to visit my Mum this weekend and I can't decide if I want to start something new with the Malabrigo or the 220 I got yesterday. I really should only take WIPs with me but I know myself...I won't. The pull of a new project is too great. I'm dreading driving to my Mum's though because the traffic on the way is always atrocious on holiday weekends. I usually avoid it and stay home but as emotional as I've been these past two days, I really need some Mummy time. So I'm braving the congested roads and making the trek up the mountain.


Knittymuggins said...

Awww... sweetie, I'm so sorry about the PMS :( You poor girl! At least you got some lovely yarn in the mail to soothe your soul. That does wonders, doesn't it? Have a safe trip this weekend and I hope you feel better and get some good relaxation in soon! Take care :)


Anonymous said...

First, thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

So sorry to hear about the PMS, ugh!! I've used Malabrigo before & never smelled that; that's weird! I hope the smell goes away. But it is yummy yarn.

Maybe your Mum will make you some comfort food...

ponyknit said...

Mmmmmm Malabrigo! Perfect cure for PMS... definitely! ::HUG::