Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Not You, It's Me

First of all, let me say Thank You to Maryse for so kindly giving me this....

It made MY day.

Let's sit, shall we?

Hi, my name is Claire, and I think I may be a commitment-phobe. My many unfinished projects are crying to me from the graveyard (Hall Closet), "Finish's only a sleeeve". I walk hurriedly past them on my way to visit the yarngerie closet to pick out the skeins for my next idea. It's a problem ladies. But there's nothing quite as exciting as the prospect of a new project. Imagining the finished sweater being worn to work. Your co-workers beside themselves with your talent. The yarn. Oh the yarn. Picking out yarn is second to none. The buttery soft merino. The heavenly sheen of the hand-painted silk. It's worthy of a happy girl jig everytime. Then the casting on. Those first few rows are so gleeful. The finishing of a project creates the same type of giddiness, but with an overtone of fear. You see, my mistakes happen at the end. A decrease row gone wrong, a sloppy bind off. All those hours of sweat and stitches are flushed down the toilet. Starting a project with ease and without stress is so much more enjoyable than crying over a crooked seam.

How I envy all of you who get to experience the joy of parading around in your newly finished garments. Hearing, "Oh my God, I didn't know you could knit, will you teach me? Barb, did you know ______ could knit? She knit this!". To all of give me hope. For the day I finally get on the stick and finish those motherbleeping sleeves!!

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