Friday, December 28, 2007

Just Shoot Me Now

Let me set the scene for you.....I had started the basket-weavey type cardi from KnitSimple. Decided I didn't like it after all and started thumbing through my copy of "Fitted Knits" for a replacement pattern. I landed on the "Bluebell Boatneck Sweater" and was happy to realize that this sweater is the one I should have been knitting all along. I showed it to Scotty and he too thought it a beauty. So I merrily frogged the cardi and cast on for the this case the Red Poppy. Approximately 3-4 hours later I was actually astonishing myself with my speed and ease of knitting. I had already put the sleeve stitches on waste yarn and you know those body decreases? Oh yeah...done. On I proceeded to the k2,p2 ribbing...really...this speed is absolutely incredible for me. I am not known for being a fast knitter. I decide to stop and admire my work and then the unimaginable happens. As I am slowly spinning my Poppy around, I think I may have blinked for an incredibly long period of time. Because it appears that one side of the left sleeve raglans is missing. That's crazy. How in the world is it possible that I would have missed that? I may make some silly mistakes from time to time, but an entire raglan? No chance. My eyes must have been closed. I turn the sweater around 3 or 4 more times, waiting for my brain to jump into action and tell my eyes to see what is so obviously in front of me. It can't. I soooo made that mistake. CAN YOU IMAGINE MY HORROR??? (Grab the air in front of you-both hands-pull it down and make an anguished face--it'll help you see my pain). My fingers and wrists are achingly sore for NOTHING!!! Oh my hell....this ...this....there's no appropriate word for it other than...this BLOWS!! Please God, Jehovah, Joseph Smith & Mr. L. Ron Hubbard......give me the strength to frog this beautiful sweater in the morning and start again with no resentment.


Olga said...

Ohhh! Leave it alone for a few days to get over the bitterness. It *will* be a beautiful sweater!

Maryse said...

Oh no! It happens to us all I think! Or it's just waiting to happen ;-) Happy New Year!

Nettie said...

Damn, that really effing sucks. I think that pattern may be cursed. I started it and knit right up the point you did all in one day too.

Then I tried it on. Lets just say I would have needed the shoulders of a line backer and the boobs of Dolly Parton to make that thing fit. Lol