Friday, December 28, 2007

I made it!

With the exception of one missing beanie, I got all my Christmas knitting done. It was tough but I did it! Happy dance...happy dance...woooooo hoooooo!!!! Now is the time that I vow to begin my Xmas knitting earlier next year. Then I proceed to laugh at myself because we all know that will never happen. I'm just not a person who plans ahead very well. Strange that I'm not a planner, because I'm certainly not a spur of the moment kind of gal either. I'm somewhere in between. I'm 1/2 procrastinator, 1/2 got my shit together girl. Now that Xmas knitting is over, guess what's next?? Knitting for MEEEEEEE!!! Yesss! I've already started an Irish Hiking Scarf with some teal Cascade 220 that will look divine. Ever since my Sister-In-Law declared with a *gasp* that I look phenomenal in teal -I want to wear teal all the time. I love teal and bright red together. Soooo, I also have the most B..E..A..utiful skein of 220 in red. Methinks it will become a pair of wristwarmers or a beanie to be worn with the teal hiking scarf. OHH...just thinking about the combo is exciting. Then I've also begun a little cardie from the new Knitsimple. It's a little basketweave looking number with 3/4 length sleeves. In the magazine, the model is wearing it with the most hideous looking dress. She looks stupid, but the cardie is still pretty darn cute. In the mag it's white, but I'm making it in red. And yes, I did ponder knitting it with teal when I was selecting my wool.

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