Sunday, December 07, 2008

When people try to progress, someone must suffer.

Unfortunately, that person is my Hubby. He strongly felt that yesterday be devoted to the cleaning o' the house. Now, I was sure he'd received my memo explaining that this weekend be entirely devoted to Christmas knitting. Apparently he had not. After a few huffs, puffs and evil glares (from both of us) we went our separate ways. He to the back yard for a little John Deere mowing time. I sequestered myself in my knitting room and knit until my fingers felt like they were broken. Granted, a few "me" projects made their way into the Christmas knitting queue. That was to be expected. I'm a selfish knitter to the bone. Spending an entire day without working on something for myself would probably end in a tantrum. I found out yesterday that unselfish knitting is not the only thing that will throw me into a fit. It seems my hubby trying to make me pick up dog poo instead of knitting will do it as well. It took me a long time to get all the stitches back on the needle after I threw my WIP across the desk. Where is this anger coming from? Aah that's right....I quit smoking two+ months ago. Good for the health...not so good for the demeanor. I knew my mood had gone a bit too far down the bitch path when later in the day Hubby asked me to help him with something. I thought I had very nicely said, "Sure no problem". Turns out it came out of my mouth a little differently because his response was, "Maybe we should do it tomorrow when you like me a little more". Poor Poor Hubby. I guess he's now learned the hard way that knitting ALWAYS trumps chores. He'll forgive me when he wears his lovely new mittens on Christmas Day.
Making For: Neglected Hubbs
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease

Yarn: Universal Yarn Classic Tapestry Worsted
Making For: My Niece, Gracie
Pattern: Chevron Scarf
Yarn: Knit Picks Memories - don't remember the colourways
Making For: Me

Pattern: Koolhaas
Yarn: Malabrigo, Terracotta
Making For: Me


Anonymous said...

I'll take knitting over chores any time! When I'm not in a cleaning mood, it can get ugly around here, too.

At least you're making hubby some nice mitts! And there's nothing wrong with knitting for you -- no one else appreciates it like you do.

Suzan said...

I already told you how much I love the is totally your color. It's just as lovely and beautiful as you are. Side note: I'm working on my 2nd Chevron scarf. Have I mentioned how much I love that pattern? Well, it's true...I do! Working on the scarf is almost as good as meditation. I must admit I believe I'm better at the knitting than the meditation, and that ain't saying much! Oh yeah, and I miss you!