Friday, January 11, 2008

Cough Cough...I'd like to Thank....

Thank you friends so much for the well wishes. It was the best medicine I could be prescribed. I'm slowly heading down the road to recovery and will be back at work on Monday. I'm knitting as fast as my ailing body will let me and plan on finishing the sleeves on my Boatneck Sweater this weekend. Yes, I did get over my bitterness of the missing raglan disaster and restarted the sweater the very next day. I've got one sleeve done and another to go and then FINITO! I also finished a 3AM Cable hat in brown. It was supposed to be for my daughter, but when I showed it to her, she looked at me as though I were asking her to wear a dead animal on her head. So now the hat is for me. I'm pretty sure the 3am is my favourite hat pattern. It's so super easy and the results are very impressive to non-knitters. Thank you Ms. Smariek for your brilliant pattern. Hubby is getting one next in black. He's very concerned that it isn't going to be big enough and was quite shocked when I informed him he could try it on as I knit it and it will be custom fit to his noggin.

Please don't hold the hideous photo against me. Bronchitis makes for a bad head shot.

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